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LiteSpeed web server is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement. LSWS is the 4th most popular web server on the internet and the #1 commercial web server. Performance up to 9x faster than Apache with a small memory footprint and increased scalability. Full benefits on the official LSWS website.

Railgun is a web optimization technology provided by Cloudflare that greatly speeds up delivery of non-cached web pages. … Railgun speeds up serving this remaining 35% of web content by opening a secure, tunneled connection between the Cloudflare network and your host’s origin server.

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL meaning it follows the same schemas and structure therefore is compatible with your current scripts/software that require mySQL. The difference is faster and safer data replication.

In the last year, we’ve had less than 2 hours total of downtime across any server

An inode is a record in a disk table. The inode comprises information about a file or folder such as its size, owner, device node, socket, pipe, etc., except data content and file name. The number of inodes on your account equals the number of files and folders you have on it.

Web hosting with us is easy. Just select the cloud web hosting plan that best suits your needs then follow the sign up flow. Start here

A domain name is how visitors easily find your website online. Its the first step in getting your company’s website presence online.

The process to get your domain name you wish to use starts by searching the desired name in the search box. If your domain name is available you will be taken to a page to review and buy it. If your domain name is unavailable, CoolDaddy Hosting provides variations and other extensions for you to choose from.

Cloud hosting is a network of servers in multiple locations, which share data and resources among themselves. Cloudbased services can include web hosting, data hosting and sharing, and software or application use. Basically, this means that your website uses the virtual resources of several servers to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your site. The load is balanced, security is taken care of and hardware resources are available virtually so they can be used when needed. The cluster of servers is the cloud. That reduces server load and increases performance

Cloud hosting is widely seen as a better option to shared hosting because of its ability to handle large amounts of traffic, its improved security protection and its reliability.

Our private cloud has been built using Solid State Drives (SSD) protected by Raid 10. Solid state drives don’t have any moving parts and they use flash memory to store data, which provides much better performance and reliability over an HDD. RAID 10, also known as RAID 1+0, combines disk mirroring and disk striping to protect data.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.

This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

To put it simply, the extra “s” the (https://) means your connection to that website is secure and encrypted any data you enter is safely shared with that website. The technology that powers that little “s” is called SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

We handle this on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes we can upgrade your current package and can always move to a Managed Server (we move all the data, you just have to pay the package difference).

Yes, we’ll transfer cPanel to cPanel accounts for free within the first 30 days. If you require transfers outside of this window, we can do it for a fee, or provide you with resources on how to do this yourself.

No. We do not allow content that could be considered adult in nature on any package at CoolDaddy Hosting.

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